Recovering a Dead Battery

1. If battery voltage is at least 8 volts, a full charge can take 6-8 hours. Charging is indicated by charger LED immediately turning RED during charging, then GREEN when done.

2. If battery is less than 8 volts, battery charger LED will stay GREEN, indicating float (trickle) mode. In this case, to expedite battery charging, it is required to disconnect power connector (shown in figure 2) on transmitter’s electronics board until charger LED turns RED (normal charge mode). Once in normal charge mode, charger will provide enough current to power transmitter’s electronics and power connector can then be re-connected.


Best practice is to charge battery before it gets below 11 VDC.

This charger is designed to avoid charging a really low battery at a high rate as it will cause battery damage (outgassing and plate damage), reducing battery life significantly.

Float mode charging will not provide enough energy to complete a transmitter’s reporting process, thus charger will continue in float mode and charger LED will never turn RED to indicate charge mode.