The Industrial Internet for Business Leaders: Making it Simple

Connected things are becoming pervasive among consumers and business alike. It’s hard to open a newspaper or trade magazine or watch a news channel and not see a story that is in some way related to the IoT. While giant companies like Apple, Google and Amazon get the headlines with their cool new consumer devices, a very exciting “long tail” of commercial and industrial connected products is being rolled out today by manufacturers of all sizes.

Utilizing the Industrial Internet of Things to Monitor Critical Machinery

For quite some time now, industrial engineers have leveraged connected computing advances to help manufacturing facilities run more efficiently. However, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will expand manufacturing automation even further by connecting industrial systems to make automation smarter. This will help ensure critical machinery and reliability is up and running to minimize costs and maximize productivity, and move towards predictive maintenance.

Practical Considerations for IoT Applications: Part 2

Address practical considerations of the IIoT system itself and how the implementation will work. Your application will monitor an asset, most likely remotely. There are many common mistakes made at this stage and things most people would not think to look at. These include things like power, environmental concerns, data reporting, and connections to the internet.

Practical Considerations for IoT Applications: Part 1

I want to go over practical considerations before an IIoT implementation can even begin. Below are things that your company needs to consider before starting your search for the IIoT solution that is best for you.

The Industrial Internet of Things and the Performance-based or Outcome Economy

When we think of the Internet of Things or connected products, we tend to think of our hyper- connected world of gadgets, whether it be smart phones, refrigerators, or toothbrushes that appear to have non-essential and cool product features for the technophile. When looking at the world of sensors, internet-enabled products, and cloud computing, it's hard to truly comprehend the enormity of what's happening at a fundamental level, that being, the definition of business value and how it will affect all of us.

Differentiate your Product with Monitoring

Differentiation. That is one of the hardest parts of the marketing game. How is my product better than yours? What can I do that you can’t? What niche can I carve out for myself? These questions can be incredibly hard to answer.

IoT, IIoT and A lot of Noise

It is easy for a small or medium-sized business to be overwhelmed with all the noise you hear about the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Big Data, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).