ATEK Access Technologies Expands AssetScan Condition Monitoring Solutions

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (Spetember 6, 2018)–ATEK Access Technologies today announced the expansion of its AssetScan suite of Condition Monitoring Solutions. The new ASV – Vibration Transmitter and ASM – Multipurpose Transmitter join the suite to enable users to measure additional process variables. Both models are easy to install and provide immediate remote alert notifications with historical data trending and analysis.

The new transmitters join AssetScan’s ASB– Bearing Fault Transmitter which provides a uniquely predictive measurement used to detect and monitor roller element bearing faults and generate notifications when alert levels are reached. Augmenting the ASB, the ASV – Vibration Transmitter has dual inputs that can measure overall vibration, bearing fault energy, or bearing temperature variables, while utilizing the same battery-powered, direct-to-cellular monitoring platform as the ASB. The ASM – Multipurpose Transmitter is a flexible solution for monitoring two 4-20 mA loop powered instruments, when broader application data is useful for system analysis. Pressure, temperature, flow, level, displacement and particulate count are examples of process variables that can be measured.

“The expanded series of our condition monitoring transmitters affords our customers flexibility to quickly add process measurements where additional data is necessary to properly diagnose and monitor fault conditions,” said Craig Truempi, CRL, CMRP, Director of IIoT Reliability for ATEK Access Technologies. “The additional capabilities of the ASV and ASM transmitters provide reliability professionals with the information needed for proper machine analysis.”

The AssetScan series of condition monitoring transmitters are comprised of cost-effective, battery-powered, cellular-enabled solutions, which add more intelligence to a variety of machinery throughout a plant or production facility without disturbing existing control hardware. AssetScan Solutions enable users to continuously monitor their plant’s rotating equipment, including motors, fans and pumps from any location, on one convenient dashboard. The solution sends alerts by text and email at the first sign of trouble or when it’s time for maintenance.

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