ATEK Access Technologies’ AssetScan® Solution Earns CID2 Certification

AssetScan allows OEMs to easily create connected products

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (June 14, 2017) – ATEK Access Technologies today announced that its AssetScan® solution is certified Class 1 Division 2 (CID2), a certification issued to a specific product that allows it to be used in potentially hazardous environments. AssetScan is a complete solution of monitors, hardware, software and data analytics that connects virtually any industrial product or device to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

“This new certification will allow industries involved in fluid management, including fuels and chemicals in hazardous locations, to safely deploy our AssetScan Solution, giving them access to valuable data,” said Dan Yarmoluk, Director of IoT Business Development, ATEK Access Technologies. “AssetScan Monitors are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of various hazardous applications such as oil field drilling, pump station monitoring, chemical plant and fuel station management.”

AssetScan has a portfolio of condition monitoring solutions that include filtration and early bearing fault detection that provide insights on differential pressure, bearing faults, lubrication, cavitation, looseness, misalignment, to name a few. The battery-powered, cellular-connected hardware and software allows for easy unobtrusive, bolt-on installation to existing legacy industrial equipment.

AssetScan Monitors enable users to measure any variable and transmit it to the cloud, where customers can access it easily via the web-based ATEK Intelligence Platform. Access to this real-time data allows organizations to improve operational efficiency, increase profitability, create new revenue streams and enhance customer service.

They feature cellular connectivity and an integrated sensor monitoring system with battery power for easy installation anywhere. The monitoring system also includes ATEK Service Platform functionality. The ATEK Service Platform monitors each AssetScan system’s health remotely, including gateway battery life, environment temperature and cellular data usage, initiating corrective measures when necessary to ensure an uninterrupted data stream.

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