Lubrication Fault on Industrial Fan

The Challenge

50 – 80% of root cause of failure of industrial rotating equipment is due to poor lubrication practices.  Mid-critical assets often lack the attention of planned maintenance efforts, such as lubrication, resulting in unexpected failures and unplanned downtime.  

The Results

The AssetScan solution was deployed to collect continuous ultrasonic and vibration data, 24 hours a day, for multiple days.  An artificial intelligence model was used to set alert limits and define prescriptive tasks.  The AI model requires no baselines and allows identification of pre-existing conditions.  

Upon connecting the AssetScan sensor, a high ultrasonic reading was present, an alert was triggered, a prescriptive task was emailed to “Field Inspect and Lubricate, within 10 days”.  Grease was added, the reading returned to normal and a failure was avoided.