Topics & FAQs

1 If the battery is not very weak, a full charge will take 6-8 hours. As indicated by the charger LED immediately turning RED during charging, then GREEN when done.

2 If the battery is really low, (below 8 volts) the battery charger LED will immediately turn GREEN, indicating float (trickle) mode. In this case, to expedite the battery charge, it is required to disconnect the power connector on the AssetScan electronics board until the charger LED turns RED (normal charge mode). Once in normal charge mode, the charger will provide enough current to ride through the readings and communications and the power connector can be re-connected. The connector to disconnect is shown below.


Best practice is to charge the battery before it gets below 11 VDC.

The charger is smart enough not charge a really dead battery at a high rate because that will damage the battery (outgassing and plate damage), reducing the cycle life significantly.

An hour’s worth of float mode energy will not provide enough reserve to ride through the AssetScan awake and publish process, thus the charger will continue in float mode and never reach normal (high rate) charge mode.