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AssetScan™ is the cost-effective way for companies to unlock the power of intelligence in their products. It’s a complete solution of transmitters, hardware, software and data analytics that connects any industrial product or device to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). AssetScan lets users measure any variable and transfer data to the cloud for real-time access, helping to improve efficiencies and optimize operations.

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Unlock the power of analytics. AssetScan makes it possible.

AssetScan is a fully customizable, sensor-agnostic solution designed to work seamlessly with virtually any industrial product. Electronic sensors are added to a static industrial product to measure desired variables. A battery-powered monitor with cellular connectivity is installed to transmit data to the cloud. This allows users to view and analyze real-time product data from anywhere in the world via the cloud and harness the power of the ATEK Intelligence Platform.






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Learn how we can reduce unscheduled maintenance costs and downtime.

Read through the collection of case studies where the AssetScan family of industrial condition monitoring solutions have helped manufactures in a variety of industries like iron ore processing, paper mill machinery, medical waste incineration, aluminum casting, and power generation.

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