60-day Case Study on Non-OEM Repair of Fan

Ultrasonic monitoring was utilized to sense systemic issues and drove an improved lubrication program.

Artificial Intelligence - Ultrasonic Alerts

AssetScan leverages artificial intelligence and ultrasonic alerts, namely, machine learning classifiers to drive and integrate into workflow.

AssetScan and OEM

ATEK has worked with OEMs for decades and provides part or entire solutions for OEM customers.

ATEK Intelligence Platform - AssetScan Software Demo

AIP (ATEK Intelligence Platform) is easy-to-use and customize. See how you can see single assets, trend lines or overall plant asset health across the organization globally.

Donaldson Case Study

Donaldson, a major OEM in filtration, utilized ATEK's technology expertise to embed in their proprietary product.

Plastics Rotomolding Plant - Predictive Maintenance Case Study

Watch how a predictive maintenance program was initiated with AssetScan at a plastics factory.

Setting Vibration Alerts Without a Baseline

AssetScan's subject matter expertise in rotating equipment, vibration and reliability allows setting alerting functionality without the need to baseline.

Two Parts of Vibration - Overall & Ultrasonic

Overall vibration provides clarity on late-stage problems such as misalignment, looseness, but not predictive. See how ultrasonic vibration spots issues up to 90 days in advance with 1,000 - 200,000Hz of the wavelength spectrum.