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Let your equipment tell you
when it needs maintenance.

When one mechanical failure could jeopardize plant operations or result in unforeseen costs, you can’t take chances. But how can you be 100% sure your critical equipment is properly maintained and operating according to precise specifications?

AssetScan makes it easy.

With AssetScan, you can continuously monitor all of your plant’s rotating equipment, including motors, fans and pumps, from any location, any time, all on one dashboard. You’ll receive alerts by text and email at the first sign of trouble or when it’s time to adjust your maintenance schedule.

AssetScan is the most simple and affordable condition monitoring technology available today. It is a complete, stand-alone platform of wireless sensors, cloud software and data analytics that can be intergrated quickly and customized to meet your unique needs.

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ASV - Vibration

The AssetScan ASV Transmitter provides valuable data to vibration analysts to detect conditions such as imbalance, misalignment, lack of lubrication, looseness and cavitation.

ASB - Bearing Fault

The AssetScan ASB Transmitter provides valuable data to vibration analysts to detect conditions such as imbalance, misalignment, lack of lubrication, looseness and cavitation. Our monitor can help detect faults before your machine breaks down from contamination, including moisture, excessive load, lack of lubrication, defects created after manufacturing and over heating.

ASM - Multi

The AssetScan ASM Transmitter provides valuable data to vibration analysts to detect conditions such as pump suction pressure, pump discharge pressure, bearing temperature and inlet temperature and outlet temperature. It provides the AssetScan analytics platform for multiple sensors on one easy to use dashboard.

Root Cause with Data

Allows for longer term yet temporary vibration and ultrasonic monitoring, this is also fondly referred to as “Crash Cart”. While technologies of the past automated the process of taking snap shot data that went deep. AssetScan automates the process of taking continuous trend data that is long, shallow, and easier to follow and take action.

Acceptance Testing

A simple solution to deploy and gives a pass/no pass on incoming new or rebuilt rotating equipment. Beyond a visual or vibration spot check, AssetScan is deployed for a 24 hour or longer acceptance test to verify the operating condition of the machine, as well as, the installation, over various load conditions that occur in typical plant operation.

Death Watch

When an in-house or 3rd party vibration analyst detects a suspect machine, yet it is too early to write a work order, or too high of a production loss to perform the repair. In this case, the machine is typically placed on a “watch list”. In real world the vibration analyst will not be back to watch the asset and the plant does not have the vibration analyzer or skill to watch the machine with any detail or predictive element. AssetScan can be left on the suspect machine to monitor and alert out via text and email of a degrading situation. 

Remote Monitoring

Using class leading cellular and battery technology AssetScan cam store and secure the data in the cloud allowing machine data to be viewed by plant personnel, OEM experts, and select contractors from remote locations, anywhere they have access to an internet connection from their phone, desktop or laptop. 

Continuous Condition Monitoring

AssetScan’s sensor agnostic design allows for any variable to be measured. When the criticality of the machine warrants continuous monitoring, AssetScan can fixed and dedicated to the machine for monitoring at-all-times. Often with more critical machines it is desired to have more frequent update rates. In this case, the AssetScan can be wired for power to eliminate the effort of re-charging a battery.

OEM - Custom Design

Utilize AssetScan expertise and incorporate our leading edge monitoring technology and analytics directly into your industrial machines.

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