AssetScan Condition Monitoring

Let your equipment tell you
when it needs maintenance.

When one mechanical failure could jeopardize plant operations or result in unforeseen costs, you can’t take chances. But how can you be 100% sure your critical equipment is properly maintained and operating according to precise specifications?

AssetScan makes it easy.

With AssetScan, you can continuously monitor all of your plant’s rotating equipment, including motors, fans and pumps, from any location, all on one convenient dashboard. You’ll receive alerts by text and email at the first sign of trouble or when it’s time for regular maintenance.

AssetScan is the most simple and affordable condition monitoring technology available today. It is a complete, stand-alone platform of wireless sensors, cloud software and data analytics that can quickly be customized to meet your unique needs.

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Used especially in motors and other manufacturing machinery, measuring vibration can be a strong indicator of an oncoming problem. As the vibration in devices continues to grow stronger, it can mean that a device is dangerously close to failure. Catching this change early enough in the process means that a service technician can be dispatched to the site to fix the problem before a complete breakdown. 

Precision Agriculture

As the world of agriculture grows more complex, the amount of machines and equipment required continues to increase with it. The AssetScan solution monitors all of the connected machines and equipment and is scalable to grow with the operation. A field tile lift station, storage tanks and bins, irrigation pivots, barns, and more can all be viewed and analyzed through one dashboard on the ATEK Intelligence Platform.  

Industrial Pumps and Valves

Pumps are the lifeblood of many industrial processes. Without pumps operating at their peak, valuable production capacity is lost. Continued wear and tear can lead to unexpected downtime. Monitoring industrial pumps or smart pumping systems for cycles completed, unexpected vibration, or high temperatures can indicate unusual operating conditions or that a problem is oncoming. This allows for a service technician to be sent before the operation is shut down completely. 


The manufacturing industry is rife with opportunities for a successful IoT deployment. First, there are many different critical operations that can be monitored to reduce downtime on a factory floor. Second, these critical operations are generally so big that the monitoring cannot be efficiently done by visual inspection only. By monitoring several machines all on one dashboard, all of a factory can be seen together on one screen. 

Fluid and Flow

AssetScan’s sensor agnostic design allows for any variable to be measured in relation to fluid and flow. A pressure drop across a valve could indicate a ruptured seal or a pressure increase could mean a blocked filter. A higher temperature could mean a problem somewhere in the production process. Having these data points means that a problem can be solved before there is a loss of quality in product or a shutdown of a factory floor. 

Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity can mean many different things for different applications. Perhaps food ingredient supplies will spoil if above a certain temperature. Maybe crops will grow mold if it gets too humid. A motor will stop functioning if it gets too hot. Throughout all of these scenarios, AssetScan can gather this data and alert a problem through preset parameters. 

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