ATEK Access Technologies is Looking for an Intern – Data Analyst


ATEK Access Technologies is a small company striving to do big things. We’ve caught the eye of companies 100 times our size. Why? Because we are nimble, are guided by entrepreneurial owners, take risks, are made up of great people and have no preconceived ideas about who we are. 

we are 

ATEK is in the business of supplying IoT solutions to customers with industrial operations. One product offering is TankScan – a tank monitoring solution. Our products are placed on customer’s remote tanks, most often containing petroleum products, and used to wirelessly obtain level information to efficiently service the tanks (e.g., fill or empty depending on the application). 

you are 

• Experienced in the application of research methodologies and descriptive and inferential statistical data analysis, and technical report writing 

• Experienced in standard query language (SQL), and in information management systems (databases) and MS Office 

• Experienced in technical report writing and can communicate effectively to audiences who have various levels of technological proficiency 

• Interested in working for a company that is “making it happen” while other companies talk about what their solution can do 

your objective 

Analyze historic tank level readings to extract trends and develop logic rules to build an algorithm supporting a customer “odometer” reading. The ultimate objective is to use the algorithm to report Days to Empty (Full) Estimator and provide input for Route Optimization. 

your deliverable 

Develop a real-time customer processor to generate estimated tank level readings based on actual historic tank readings. The data will consist of daily readings of level by location. In addition, descriptive information about the tank will be available (i.e., tank size, location, frequency of readings, use of case, etc.) The processor will attempt to filter out single reading “bad-data” spikes. The estimated readings generated from the tank level data include: 

• A cumulative “odometer” of the total gallons that were dispensed from the tank 

• A daily usage reading of the estimated gallons dispensed the prior day 

• Delivery event readings when level change is detected indicating a delivery occurred. A delivery event will include the estimated amount delivered and time since previous delivery 


This position is located at the ATEK Companies headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN. Interested in learning more? 

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Equal Opportunity Employer – Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disability